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Ace x Impossible Project Starter Kit   $150

If you aren't already familiar, THE IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT kept instant Polaroid film alive. When Polaroid decided to end their instant film program a few years ago and shut down their last factory in The Netherlands, Florian Kaps, a camera shop owner at the time, found a way to buy the factory and is now producing film that works with Polaroid cameras. Its still in its infancy, and not as user friendly as the original Polaroid film, but it has come a long way and we're stoked to support his analog efforts of keeping such an iconic photographic expression alive and more relevant today than ever. Learn more and submit a photo to our gallery here.

The Starter Kit has all the elements you need to begin the latest installment in your collection of instant photographs — a camera, a pack of film and a few extras for good measure, including our undying affection.

Instant film also sold separately.

Sorry, we have discontinued this product