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Mike Mills for Commune   $42.50

Artist and filmmaker Mike Mills created a series of print posters for our friends at Commune, and we've hung them up in guest rooms at Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs, because we think they're cool.

See a blog post about Mike's work here. And see more about each print below:

"Everyday our culture performs the massive and silent magical trick of making ideas and people, light bulbs and stories, clothes, presidents, city names, buildings, food, poems, cars, political parties, sexual orientations, birthdays, teddy bears and, yes, even posters feel more natural than man-made. These objects and ideas become essential and a matter of fact, rather than the product of a particular historical moment reflecting the dreams and fears and justifications of the particular group of people in power. Forgetting is what they want, remembering is the beginning." Exclusive run of 70 prints signed by the artist.

"These posters were made with the wildness, inhibition-shedding sophistication and willful self-destruction of women like Zelda Fitzgerald, Louise Brooks and Anita Loos in mind… Flappers were not just pioneers of a new personal / sexual / emotional / gender freedom — they were pioneers in dealing with the destabilizing, grey, emotional ambiguity, the malaise, the unbearable responsibility, and just the weight that all that freedom brings." Exclusive run of 70 prints signed by the artist.

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