Tanner Goods for Ace Hotel PSP

Swim Club Membership

This handsome leather key fob made by our friends at Tanner Goods opens doors for Swim Club members to our two deep pools and packed schedule of poolside events year-round.

Swim Club members have it good with free access to all of our regular poolside events like DJ sets and live bands, yoga, water aerobics and dance parties. Members can frolic in the pool, chill in the hot tub or get pumped in our decked-out gym every day from 7am to 2am.

Members also get 20% off of dining and drinks at King's Highway, the Amigo Room and by the pool, and 20% off treatments at the Feel Good Spa, plus full access to the sauna and steam room.

Membership is just $350 per year (that's under $30 a month). The next time you're in the neighbor-hood, you can come in to collect your fob (stamped with your member number) and your membership card (graced with your handsome mug). Drop us a line at swimclub@acehotel.com for more details.