A.P.C. For Ace Hotel LDN


$ 720.00

We've been getting cozy with A.P.C. since we first discovered them way back when, so a chance to collaborate was a dream come true. Working with London-based designer Jessica Ogden, we found our favorite blue and black-hued denim chambray fabrics, and carefully pieced together the bedcovers for the guest rooms in our first outpost across the pond.

An Ace-inspired take on the classic quilts crafted by A.P.C. using their superannuated fabric scraps from Fashion Week shows gone by, these blankets combine their knack for refined minimalism with the warm and welcoming vibe we cultivate at each Ace. Available in two sizes, they're built to stand up to the traveler's lifestyle, but are just as cozy on your bed at home or wherever you take them.

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