AIAIAI Headphones

$ 169.00 $ 225.00

In collaboration with our friends at AIAIAI in Copenhagen, a set of high quality headphones to bathe in total, sonic saturnalia. Comes with a bluetooth headband paired with a 4.5m coiled, electric orange cable and includes a ¼ to ⅛ screw-on adaptor. Speaker features neodymium magnet and lightweight PET diaphragm, which is a long, fancy way to say that they sound really, really good.

Ace Hotel turns 20 this year and we’re celebrating with a collection that looks back as we move ever future-forward. From our first hotel in Seattle (est. 1999) to our upcoming outpost in Kyoto, these are get-em-now totems commemorating the people, places and things we love. Thanks for sleeping with us.

Set Includes:

S01 All-round Speakers
H05 Bluetooth Headband
E02 On Ear Earpads
E04 Over Ear Earpads
C02 Coiled Cable