Pins For Pals
Atelier Ace

Pins For Pals

$ 2.00

A pair of pins to stand in for the Puget Sound - one little origami boat to traverse its brackish waters, plus a proposed motto for a city where only tourists use umbrellas. All pin proceeds go to Reel Grrls, a media arts literacy center in Seattle, WA. The first media arts center in the United States focused on training girls in hands-on media production, Reel Grrls empowers girls ages 9-21 to engage critically and creatively with digital media - fostering social change through film and video.

Pins for Pals are gentle gems designed to graphically grace your lapel, your linked cuff or the brim of your Bowler in celebration of windy Chicago. But beyond their visual charm, these dainty bobbles carry weight - with all proceeds going to SkyART, a youth arts initiative that provides Chicago's youth with resources dedicated to their interest in the arts.

A pin for a pal with home in their hearts, plus a little gator hieroglyph to symbolize the soul of the Bayou. All proceeds go to Backstreet Cultural Museum, an African American cultural heritage institution in New Orleans, LA. Backstreet Cultural Museum preserves and perpetuates the unique cultural traditions of African American society New Orleans' - sustaining its singular character in collections, exhibitions and publications, public programs and performances.

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