A1 Ware Coffee Pot
Ian McIntyre for Bulldog Edition

A1 Ware Coffee Pot

$ 72.00


Ian McIntyre designed and crafted these hand-turned ceramic coffee pots and mugs for Bulldog Edition café and Ace Hotel London Shoreditch. Utilizing an array of recycled plastic, the coffee pot lid is a reminder that waste can be rendered into functional beauty. Holds 16oz.

These works were commissioned by Ace Hotel London Shoreditch as part of Ready Made Go 3, an exhibition curated by Modern Design Review magazine for London Design Festival. 

Listen to an audio tour of Ian McIntyre's studio and process here.

About Ian McIntyre:

Born in Leeds, Ian McIntyre had a background in product design and applied art before studying ceramics and glass at the Royal College of Art, obtaining his MA in 2010. He characterizes his work as being strongly dependent on both design and craft skills. McIntyre set up his own studio in East London in 2011 and has subsequently produced several brands.