YEP Design Works x Ace NOLA

2017 Queens of New Orleans Calendar

A colorful walkabout through New Orleans' history, complete with saturated hues, moon phases, Louisiana holidays and festivals and a litany of memorable New Orleanian queens. In the words of YEP Design Works:

These are the living, breathing queens who resonated with the creative youth in YEP's design studio in the month of October, the year 2016, on the corner of Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard and Terpsichore St. It would be impossible to reflect the full breadth of powerful, influential, magnificent women in this city or to create a comprehensive, fully inclusive list—there are simply too many queens in this city. 

A portion of proceeds for this calendar goes to The Youth Empowerment Project or YEP, a community-based non-profit organization. YEP’s founders started the organization in 2004 in order to assist young people returning to New Orleans from correctional facilities. Since its inception, YEP has earned local and statewide recognition for being at the cutting edge of progressive programs for at-risk youth. This includes a mentorship program that offers young artists and designers fair wages and real world professional experience.