Detoxifying Soap Bundle

Detoxifying Soap Bundle

$ 16.00

In China, the powers of natural pearl have been celebrated in mythology and practice for over two millennia. Janet Jay, the heart and brains behind Pearl+, learned about the special use of pearl powder from her grandmother. 

Lovingly hand-crafted in small batches exclusively for Ace friends at Portland's Studio J, Pearl+ Detox soaps contain marbled crushed natural pearl, organic saponified oils of olive, coconut and palm, shea butter, essential oils, white clay and activated charcoal to absorb impurities, restore luster and detoxify your skin. 

These are the very soaps we hang from the vanities at Ace Hotel, but ropeless, and available in a pack of three small bars or two large bars. A modern and good-smelling interpretation of an ancient classic. 

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