Plastic Baroque Candlestick
James Shaw for Bulldog Edition

Plastic Baroque Candlestick

$ 70.00


Plastic Baroque is what James Shaw calls his objects culled from the intersection of decorative arts, production design and sustainable manufacturing. Using a hot gun to melt plastic pellets into a continuous loop, James hand sculpts the recycled plastic into one-of-a-kind candlesticks, nodding to gilded Versailles, play-Doh and contemporary aesthetics.

Note that each candlestick is unique.  

These candlesticks were commissioned by Ace Hotel London Shoreditch as part of Ready Made Go 3, an exhibition curated by Modern Design Review magazine for London Design Festival. James Shaw also created a temporary installation at the entrance of Ace Hotel London using his Plastic Baroque technique, on view for the duration of London Design Festival.

Listen to an audio tour of James Shaw's process here.

About James Shaw:

James was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne and raised in Devon, a.k.a. the English Riviera, to a family of doctors with an artistic leaning. He is a recent graduate of the Royal College of Art's Design Products program and now runs a studio in South London specializing in the design and manufacture of bespoke and production furniture and products, sculptural objects and material research.