Atelier Ace + Porter


$ 69.00

We got together with Japanese luggage mainstays Porter by Yoshida for their 80th anniversary to produce this rugged luggage collection, based on their Tanker series. It’s classic, light and simple — function and style at its unembellished best. Custom made of durable, richly colored cotton twill, inspired by vintage military poncho material found in Ace PDX, NYC and PSP rooms. Here, a pouch, formally referred to by some as a Dopp Kitt, named for early 20th century leather craftsman Charles Doppelt, and made to hold all items small and that necessitate a move from one place to another — toothbrushes, throwing knives or colored pencils, this one carries it.

Looks like we're out of that one. Sign your handle and we'll let you know the minute it's back.