ELOI For Ace Hotel New Orleans

Li Grande Zombi Scarf

$ 112.00

Paige Russell calls her scarves "deranged Technicolor ramblings on silk." Created from construction paper cutouts in her Austin, Texas studio, each Eloi scarf transcends the second dimension when reproduced on silk, "yielding the ability to manipulate and experience the art in infinite, utilitarian ways." This one, borne of the spirit of the sacred serpent dance of New Orleans, and with a nod to Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau's pet snake, is a polychromatic bacchanal, equal parts poetry and magic.  

My thoughts of New Orleans revolve mostly around celebration (drinking, dancing, parades...) and the eyes and figures were born out of this. The background needed to feel crazy and festive, confetti-ish without looking gaudy. The border and type are inspired by folk artist William Hawkins. 


— Paige Russell

You can read an interview with Paige Russell on Ace blog.