Atelier Ace

Shower Caddy

$ 55.00

In 1999, our genesis story unfurled. Ace Hotel Seattle and Rudy's Barbershop opened their doors as Belltown brethren, living down the street from one another, like good brothers do. Since then, we've displayed our favorite bath products up in the showers of all Aces, in the caddy you see before you, our trusty partner-in-suds. As the bard once said: A caddy for everything and everything in it's caddy.

Dimensions for Triple Caddy: 7-1/2"w x 2-1/4"d x 6-1/4"h

Dimensions for Single Caddy: 2-3/4"w x 2-1/4"d x 6-1/4"h

Hardware not included.

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