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About studio vit

studio vit designs furniture, lighting and spaces. Referencing archetypal objects and form, the studio designs long lasting, carefully considered and well-made products with great attention to detail. studio vit's main interest lies in the relationship between elementary forms, materials and volumes and how these elements relate to a space. Objects coexist harmoniously, but simultaneously recall tension and imbalance. Materiality is central and each material is valued for its inherent characteristics, whether it be weight, texture or colour. studio vit was founded by Helena Jonasson and Veronica Dagnert in 2010. Coming from disparate backgrounds, Helena with a BA in Industrial Design and Veronica with a BA in Fashion and a MA in Communication Design from Central Saint Martins. The duo complement each other with a wide perspective on their work, fuelled by a joint vision.

How do you measure the success of a product design?

That the person who buys the object loves it and treasures it and that it makes them happy in their everyday lives. Either by performing a particular function in a great way, or it can make your life better in a more abstract way - that it simply gives you pleasure handling it or having it in your environment.

Why did you design this piece in particular? Does it fill a lack?

Cast lights are a continuation of earlier work that we designed specifically with Ace Hotel in mind. We have used materials that are found in Ace Hotel architecture — reinforced concrete and glass. Combining the sphere with a half sphere, the collection is made up from geometrical form and opposite materials.

What do you think makes a good design? What is the best designed product you've seen?

Good design can be many things. Generally, if an object meets a need that someone has then we think it's good design. Personally, we like things that catch your eye because they are a bit awkward, like when, for example, the choice of materials or size feels unusual or unexpected — a new way of seeing things in some way. Rietveld Zig Zag chair is a good example of this.

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