Hilda Hellström

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About Hilda Hellström

Hilda Hellström (born 1984) graduated from her MFA at the Royal College of Art in London in 2012. Her work has, among other institutions, been exhibited at London Design Museum, MUDAC Lausanne, V&A, The British Craft Council, Gothenburg Museum of Art, MAK Vienna and Shanghai Power Station Art Museum. Hilda revolves around investigations in the subjective understandings of our reality. The understanding we receive through our senses rather than our rationale. Working with materials that, for the observer, often are unfamiliar, she plays with the undefinable in regards to materials, hierarchies, value systems and definitions. This has involved studies about imitation in relation to authenticity and different ways to interpret what we classify as ‘natural’. Lately, she’s been working with geology and the formation of rock.

How do you measure the success of a product design? 

It depends on the intention with the object. Product Design is such a vast field, ranging from consumer electronics, furniture design and to more sculptural work. Since my work fits into the latter category it has a lot to do with the relationship I have to the object I've made. If I like it, it evokes the type of emotional response I was aiming for, and I get to investigate a process that intrigues me, it's successful.

Why did you design this piece in particular? Does it fill a lack?

I often work with geology as a theme and when creating an installation for a busy environment such as the Hoi Polloi restaurant it made sense to make a heavy and impactful mountain. It's an object easy to comprehend both in terms of shape and the line of thought in my process of making. 

What do you think makes a good design? What is the best designed product you've seen? 

Again this depends on the intention with the object. If it's a functional object it needs to be functional. For example I like really good, slim, sharp and simple knives when I'm cooking. If it's a sculptural work it's about what it evokes in me. Not necessarily beauty but awe, wonder, curiosity, disruptiveness, etc.

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